Anti-Racism Working Group at the Department of Philosophy

We are a group of students, academic and administrative staff at the Philosophy Department. 

Our goal is to create cultural change at the Department that is conscious of and proactive in addressing issues around the many kinds of racism endemic to our collective contexts. These include experiences, cultures, and institutional habits that are racist, colonial, xenophobic, and exclusionary on grounds of one’s belonging or not belonging. 

Join us! Collaborate with us! Contact us! We hope for your active participation, feedback, and suggestions.


In need of support?

In case you are experiencing racist violence of any kind and reach out to us, we will with complete confidentiality try to direct you to the right resources that may be of help. But as a group, we do not have the expertise as of now to intervene in ways that may be necessary for you. We are working on collecting data on resources and making it public. For now, you can reach us at:

What have we been up to?

We have met three times until now and are planning a two-week series of events at the Department of Philosophy in the WS2023, November, focused on issues of racisms. Our goal is to learn from existing best practices, co-curate ideas, and execute them together, and finally to understand how we can be a continuous entity involved in cultural change at the Department of Philosophy. 

The two-week event in November will include a Film Screening and Discussion, Conversation and changes around de-colonising our Library, an event on Migration and Research, an Anti Racism workshop, and a Creative Exhibition opening complete with a popcorn machine. 



  • Meeting between the VDP and Anti-Racism WG at the Department of African Studies
  • 27th of June 2023 – First Meeting of WG Against Racism 
  • 16th of August 2023 – Second meeting of WG Against Racism
  • 25th of August 2023 – Third Meeting of WG Against Racism to plan for the semester
  • October – Planned Participation at the Studentinnenverein and Steop Orientations with the new students
  • October - Planned Agenda item discussion in the Department Meeting
  • November - Planned meeting between working groups at Anthropology, African Studies, OH Reps during event series
  • December – Planned Regroup of the WG Against Racism FOR WS 2023